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baby-its-cold-outside-lyrics.docx Christmas Repertoire 11.3 KB
deck-the-halls-001-2.jpg Christmas Repertoire 863 KB
FairyTale Of New York .docx Christmas Repertoire 12 KB
The Holly and the Ivy Christmas Repertoire 33.4 KB
12-days-of-christmas-split1.rtf Christmas Repertoire 118 KB
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2000 Miles Christmas Repertoire 10.8 KB
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god-rest-ye-merry-gentlemen-001.jpg Christmas Repertoire 1.43 MB
good-king-wencelslas-001.jpg Christmas Repertoire 1.56 MB
hark-the-herald-angels-001.jpg Christmas Repertoire 1.45 MB
Pilot Of The airwaves - Charlie dore Video of another choir on the last tour, doing slightly different version of Pilot 31.2 MB
Zimbe Kids Track 3 Sansa Kroma 4.88 MB
Zimbe Kids Track 4 Pete Pete 5.71 MB
Zimbe Kids Track 5 Thula Mama 7.41 MB
Zimbe Kids Track 8 Hamba Lulu 2.71 MB
Zimbe Kids Track 12 Siyahamba 3.63 MB
Zimbe Kids Track 13 Freedom Is Coming 9.71 MB
it-came-upon-the-midnight-clear-001.jpg Christmas Repertoire 1.69 MB
silent-night-001.jpg Christmas Repertoire 1.2 MB
we-wish-you-a-merry-christmas-001.jpg Christmas Repertoire 1.23 MB
o-come-all-ye-faithful-001.jpg Christmas Repertoire 1.47 MB
ding-dong-merrily-001.jpg Christmas Repertoire 1.53 MB
ship-song.docx The Ship Song by Nick Cave 11.9 KB
lully-lullay.zip Christmas Repertoire 11.4 MB
Mozart Requiem SOPRANO file Mozart - Choraline Soprano tracks. You need to copy and save the zip file then open on your computer to listen. Not convinced these are that great as they are just a flute playing your line. Will try and upload something better. 52.7 MB
Mozart Requiem SOPRANO WITH VOICE tracks This should be better than the choraline one to learn from. 48.3 MB
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enya.docx Christmas Repertoire 11.1 KB
goodbye-billy-bragg.docx End of Year repertoire 10.8 KB
feelin-good.zip New version zip file, hope this works better 4.49 MB
feelin-good.docx Lyrics 12 KB
best-man-for-the-job.zip Charlie Dore track - please don't upload anywhere else - for private use only! 6.84 MB
mbob-wholetrack-parts-up-loud.zip Maximum Bob - Charlie dore 7.99 MB
best-man-for-the-job.zip Charlie Dore Song - New material, please don't upload anywhere else, for private use only 6.84 MB
3-a-penny.zip Charlie Dore track - for private use only, please don't upload anywhere! 5.55 MB
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